This cohesive team helps investors pursue their goals with comprehensive investment planning and financial guidance. Financial Advisors Leon Koob and Brady Garr, along with Senior Registered Client Associate Ivonne Pickett, believe that everyone should feel confident in their future, and they strive to help you build a life of comfort with long-term, goals-based financial strategies.

A personal investment approach

With an eye on risk tolerance and client needs, our team customizes investment strategies that work to help achieve your objectives in a time horizon and risk profile that fits your lifestyle and personal preferences. Our approach then goes beyond investing to address current and long term financial needs, including retirement planning, income planning, investment planning, estate investment planning and access to trust services through our affiliates.

Each client is treated in a holistic manner with a strategy that encompasses all aspects of his or her personal financial picture. This means that the team works with you to uncover attitudes about money, savings and finances as well as what dreams and goals you want to achieve. This process is both interactive and collaborative, allowing you to understand each step and accounting for your opinions and desires. We feel giving clients options, and explaining those choices, leads to a long-lasting relationship built of respect and trust. Balancing performance and service In addition to our investment offerings, we have access to a broad array of Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network company resources, including research analysts, economic and market specialists to help you make informed investment decisions based on your specific needs by tapping into these subject matter professionals should you need them.

For our team, a great day at work means working with new and existing clients to help identify and execute a financial strategy that works for them and helps to meet their goals. It’s also satisfying when a client comes to understand a particular issue and increases their financial knowledge. The team also strives for a personal touch with all of their clients. They want to know what’s going on in your life and work diligently to balance performance with service. Clients understand that the team is truly invested in their relationships and experience that commitment in every step of the process. The group keeps in touch with clients on an ongoing basis and has an open door policy to chat about financial matters.

Our Location

We’re conveniently located at the address below. Give us a call or stop by our office during business hours to schedule a meeting to discuss your financial future. By getting to know you and your financial outlook, we can begin charting an investment path toward your goals.